Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Dream Come True...

Sunday night one of my all time fantasies came true. I had a lovely little threesome with Himself and his friend Ballboy. (I can't think of any other nickname for him at present - it'll have to do!). Here's how it started:

Late Sunday night I got a message from Himself asking if I wanted one last night together. I replied that I did. He said that it would happen on one condition... that Ballboy was there. I agreed readily - I slept with Ballboy about a week and a bit ago and I must say, he was very impressive; plus Himself and I have fantasized about having a threesome with him, the two of them dominating me completely.

But I digress - Sunday night!

Himself told me to start stretching my ass and getting ready for the night. He messaged me instructions on what to wear, and gave me warning that I was going to cop it bad... that my ass and mouth were going to be very heavily used and abused. The whole time he was messaging me I was getting ready with a certain degree of apprehensive nervousness. I wasn't actually sure I wanted to go through with it... until I received a message from Ballboy: You're gonna cop it bitch. That was it for me - the nail in the coffin so to speak. I was more than ready after that. Himself messaged me once they got back to his place and I drove over, dressed as instructed. When I knocked on the door wearing the long skirt and slightly loose shirt I had been told to wear, with no panties or bra, Himself answered. He stood in the doorway and told me to turn around, so that my back was to him. He raised my skirt with one hand, his other slipping under my shirt. His fingers found me bare and wet for him, his other hand finding my breasts naked and supple to his caress. When he let me inside Ballboy was sitting at the computer watching porn. I waited while they finished watching then we got our stuff together to leave. All three of us are living at home at present, so all homes were out of the question as far as the location goes. The guys had decided that a little spot down by the river would have to do, which I was quite happy with... it's where Himself and I sat for hours, talking and "playing" when we were first getting to know each other. As we were about to walk out of the house Ballboy reached under my skirt, and my shirt, his hands pressing against my skin, his body pressed against my back. Himself stepped up to us and pressed his body against my front, his hands caressing my flesh, knowing exactly how to touch me and where. At that moment I knew I was ready.

The next thing I know I am sitting in the back seat of Himself's car, Ballboy on my left, Himself on my right, both sucking and biting on my nipples, their hands touch me on the breasts, the stomach, the thighs, the hips... everywhere. I was in heaven. Now here is where it gets confusing. From this point on I lose track of the chronological order of things and even a few minor events have slipped from my memory - what I do remember is in flashes and mostly I remember the way I felt at different moments. So I will simply write what I do remember as the memories occur to me.
I was the middle of the backseat, with one on each side and Himself was thrusting my favourite dildo in and out of me, making me almost cry out with orgasm after orgasm, as they both flicked and pinched my nipples, slapping my tits firmly, but not as hard as Himself has in the past. I remember being on my hands and knees in the backseat, giving Ballboy head while Himself stood at the open door, spanking me - hard. I remember the tears running down my face, my voice screaming out with pain... I remember feeling as if I was falling and floating at the same time as I drifted into subspace. I remember giving Himself head as Ballboy stood behind me, his fingers inside of me... I remember him slipping one finger into my ass and the way it almost crashed me back to earth. It was unexpected to say the least though realistically I had been aware that it would happen at one point. I remember them both holding my legs open as they shoved that dildo in and out of me, while Himself told me to cum over and over. I remember kneeling before Himself, his cock almost choking me as he facefucked me, his hand in my hair, looking up at him and Ballboy. I remember the pain from more spankings and titslapping. I remember one of them - no idea which one, slapping my clit lightly, causing me to jump each time their hand landed against my sensitive flesh. I remember lying on the bonnet, one leg over each of Himself's shoulders, his fingers against my clit, inside me, as Ballboy hovered nearby. I remember standing next to the car, leaning back against Ballboy as Himself sat watching as Ballboy played with my clit and pussy... fucking me with his fingers.

Something I can't seem to erase from my memory is the way I felt inside... the feeling that I was nothing more than an object, nothing more than a toy for them to use. With Himself it's like this a lot... and I don't mind being that I look to him as my Dom. However with Ballboy it was different. Sunday night, the whole time we were all in scene Himself was paying a lot of attention to me, to my reactions. He treated me with a certain degree of respect and kept asking if I was okay. He called me pet names several times, which helped keep me calm when otherwise I would have been close to hysterical. I'll be honest - it was the most emotionally taxing scene I have ever taken part of. When I said I needed a break for a few minutes he sat in the backseat and sat next to him, cuddled up to him. He asked how I was going and how I was handling the pain. I told him that I didn't think my left nipple could take much more. Ballboy shined his phonelight on it and there was a very visable break in the skin between my nipple and the areola, right next to where my piercing was (I'd taken my barbells out a couple of weeks ago because of sensitivity issues and being that we had been planning to use clamps didn't put them back in). Himself told Ballboy to be careful of that nipple and give it a break for a while, that he didn't want to cause too much more damage. Shortly after that it was decided that we would all go back to Himself's for a cup of tea and a rest before Ballboy and I headed home. It was getting very very late and Himself had to go to work within four hours so we decided to leave it there and we'd all get together again another night to actually fuck properly.

When we got back to Himself's I started to drop... fast. I don't remember much of it, just sitting on the couch with a cuppa, zoning out constantly. Himself kept checking on me and stroking my hair, which he knows calms me instantly. After a while I still hadn't returned to normal so he told me to go and sit on his lap and cuddle up to him for a while, which I did happily. After about ten minutes I was that uncomfortable I had to return to the couch. I don't know exactly what happened between but the next thing I know Ballboy was standing in front of me, saying goodbye. He reached his hand down my shirt and squeezed my nipple quite hard and then left. That was the first time he'd touched me since we'd gotten back to Himself's. It hurt so much - the way he just touched me without any warning, the way he looked at me, as if even at that moment I was just an object. There wasn't a single hint of compassion or consideration in his eyes... he wasn't looking at me as a person - but as an object. In scene I don't mind this = but this was different. It was after a scene when I needed someone to hold me, to care about me. I was experiencing the drop from subspace and felt like shit about myself at that moment as it was. The way he touched me and spoke to me just felt like a knife in my stomach.

Yesterday I showed Himself the marks on my ass - which is covered in dark welts and bruises from Sunday night (two days later) as well as the bite on my nipple. It's worse now - being that it's actually a flesh wound. I can't put my barbell back in at all - I CAN'T EVEN TOUCH IT WITHOUT ALMOST FAINTING! Himself and I had a laugh about the bruises on my ass, but he showed concern about my nipple. When I told Ballboy about it last night he just laughed, shrugged and said it served me right. He couldn't cared less that I may lose the piercing completely because of the way it will heal - if it heals properly. If it doesn't improve my Friday I'm going to have to go to the dr's... it might only be a half centimetre wound but its not just a little cut - its where the skin has broken complete and the flesh is almost exposed - it hurts more than getting the damned thing pierced in the first place. And he couldn't give a shit. Even last night he looked at me as if I were nothing... as if I were just an object, a toy to play with, as if I was no longer human.

That hurts.